As usual Paris Marx has a great look at Apple, specifically some of the claims in their latest ad to get people to purchase their products.

The claim that products are “net zero” is questionable:

As Lloyd Alter outlines, Apple’s claims of carbon neutrality rely on emissions offsets that are coming under growing scrutiny for not really delivering the emissions reductions that are claimed. They allow companies to say they’re reducing their emissions without actually doing the hard work of overhauling their operations. As I explained in 2021, Apple’s offset partners don’t have the most stellar record and have been involved deceptive offset projects. It’s hard to trust their claims.

Sure emergency features can save your life, but if you work in the factories you may have a different look at how much the companies Apple works with cares about your life…unless you’re on the line producing more products for profit.

Apple is now pivoting its supply chain to India to diversify in the face of US-China tensions, yet workers there have also had issues with the company’s suppliers. In 2020, workers at a Wistron factory making iPhones caused $7 million in damage after not being paid for three months. Apple has also been sued over the use of child labor in its mineral supply chain, and reportedly knew a supplier was using child labor for three years before cutting ties. Even back in the United States, Apple is refusing to fairly bargain with the first union formed at one of its incredibly lucrative stores.

Oh, and if you put together a union, Apple really doesn’t want to talk with you about fair treatment.

I still have Apple devices, and generally like their products but I also no longer fool myself into thinking that they’re some amazing company. They make good products, but profit is what comes first and white washing your practices with environmental caring is a way to make everyone feel good about purchasing yet more rare minerals that end up polluting our environment while workers continue to get less of the income earned from their labour, both at home and abroad.