So with iOS 17 Apple has introduced Standby mode which turns your device into a clock, or lets you place some widgets on it of your choice. At first this seemed like a good feature but after a few days I feel like it’s just another bid by Apple to make their phone steal even more of your attention.

Apple Standby Mode – clock showing

Notifications are directly in your face with Standby and since they expect you to put their phone where you can see it, the notifications will be directly in your face as well. Yes you can turn it off, and if you’ve used Focus Modes then maybe you don’t have many notifications. In fact, turn off all the notifications you can possibly get away with.

Overall, I think that features making a pocket computer even more in your face and part of your life is not a good thing. After trying Standby Mode for a few days it’s nothing but a distraction from the work I should be doing so I’ll go back to putting my phone on the other side of my office where I can ignore it and keep thinking and writing.

Standby mode is off.