From Vox about Norway’s strong performance in electrification of their vehicles:

Eye-popping EV subsidies have flowed largely to the affluent, contributing to the gap between rich and poor in a country proud of its egalitarian social policies.

Worse, the EV boom has hobbled Norwegian cities’ efforts to untether themselves from the automobile and enable residents to instead travel by transit or bicycle, decisions that do more to reduce emissions, enhance road safety, and enliven urban life than swapping a gas-powered car for an electric one.

What if the eye-popping subsidies for EV purchases was all money put into public transit and public infrastructure? What if the same types of discounts and subsidies were offered for the purchase of an ebike?

I know in BC the only way I can get a deal on an ebike is if I have a car to trade in for the bike. In my case, we’d have to purchase a second car to have a car to trade in for a bike. I wish I could skip the whole second car thing and just get an ebike instead with a rebate.

But I also live in Prince George BC which gets snow, so to make my ebike a viable method of transport year round I’d need the city to stop filling the bike lanes with snow all winter. I’d need all the cars to stop driving in the bike lanes all winter because of how the snow removal on the roads is done.