Prompted today by finding Lost Subways of North America and Dark PR I first checked the local library to see if they had the books, which they didn’t. My next stop was the local book store where I pre-ordered Lost Subways but I also asked myself a question.

Should I instead request materials at the library?

I know the library has a limited budget and may not get the books I have requested, but if they do then the book isn’t just available to me, it’s available to everyone in the city. When I purchase a book it’s locked away in my personal library where only I’ll get to use it, and maybe a select few friends that are interested[1].

How do I serve my community best with reading? By purchasing for myself and then sharing what I read, or by getting the book in my community for others to read as well?

  • [1] But lets be honest, most of my friends don’t read like I do so it’s likely just a book for me.