From Animatronic Pumpkin:

Remember in the 90s when we thought we were headed for an amazing Information Age? Instead we find the greatest engine of censorship ever invented. Streaming services disappear movies. Amazon can rewrite the books on your kindle. Best Buy stops selling movies on disc. Nobody owns anything. Links evaporate all the time. Torrents go dead. Preservation is expensive.

Nothing lasts, but it was a nice dream.

This is why I continue to purchase movies on disc and put them in Plex. This is also why I purchase physical books and own them, because they can’t be taken away by anyone then.

Years ago I realized that Apple would stop me from watching movies I had previously purchased if there was some issue with a current purchase on my credit card. That’s when it really hit me that I don’t own the movies I purchased from Apple, they own them and I can maybe view the movies if they let me. That’s when I started purchasing discs again and refuse to purchase any more media from online services.