Casey Newton talked about how Notion Ai (it’s really LLM and calling it Ai feeds into the hype) will look at your data and let you extract content from it. So far this is the only thing in the current LLM/Ai hype-cycle that I’ve found compelling. I’d love to ask some questions about my notes and get summarized feedback with citations to the locations in my notes that these ideas came from. It would be a good step in a writing process as I investigate ideas and how they connect.

But, I don’t want some company to have my notes. I know they say they won’t be sharing them with others, but that’s only now when VC money is flowing and hype is large. When VC money stops flowing, the terms will change and companies will see your data as something they can monetize so they’ll share ideas from your notes with others.

At this point I’m left waiting for LLM’s that I can run locally on my devices, or on a server I control.