Today we’re keeping it short and we’re updating on some of the features that members get access to.

We’ll start with an issue that stopping course supporter members from getting access to my courses. I was made aware of a bug in the membership access code yesterday that means you didn’t have access to the courses. I tracked that down today and you should be able to access all courses again. If you have an issue please email me (

I’m sorry for this bug.

In brighter news, I’ve started publishing my book notes for all membership levels. You can find them on my books read page. You’ll note that if you are signed in to the site you can copy my full book notes. In many cases that does mean they link to pages which you won’t have in your notes database so you’ll have to decide if you create the pages, or just look through the notes as a reference to the content of the book. I only have around 20 books up right now but I’m trying to add 5 – 10 a day so check back often.

I have at least 120 that need to get added out of Obsidian and I have notes on around 300 books that need to get moved into Obsidian. I’ve got my kid working on logging my library, and logging all the books I’ve read which will give me the full list of books I have some notes on.

I will also be adding notes on my posts that link back to the books that they reference. I already have these for some of the books, but you just can’t see it yet. That means eventually you’ll be able to read a post and see a reference to the book, then backtrack to the book and get my notes from it if you’re interested in them.

Out of the books I have added I’d draw your attention to Conspirituality and Manufacturing Happy Citizens. They both take a look at the positive psychology and wellness industry. Conspirituality looks at how the industry fell into the hole of COVID19 denial, and Manufacturing Happy Citizens takes a hard look at all those gurus trying to tell you that you’re not happy enough…but they have the solution for you. It digs into the psychology research on happiness that the industry stands on, and shows you how shaky the foundation actually is.

I’ve thought of a few other perks for members like:

  • Book club
  • video chats for us all
  • Q/A sessions

If any of those ideas interest you, please send me an email to let me know.

I very much appreciate your support. Have an awesome day.