As I’ve been moving all my book notes over to my website I’ve needed an easy way to get my transclusions from my notes into plain markdown. While Obsidian shows them, when you copy a note normally you don’t get the text at the other end of a transclusion. This is where Easy Bake has helped speed up my workflow.

Easy Bake grabs any type of link that takes up it’s own line and will bake the content of it into the new file that you produce when you use the plugin. It does this recursively, which means if a link in the first file also has a link that exists on its own line that content will get included.

Now this plugin isn’t meant to take the place of something like Obsidian Longform, which has more options for exporting your novel. Easy Bake is around to easily bake in some links in notes.

To use the plugin trigger the command palette with CMD P or CTRL P depending on your platform. Then type Easy Bake and press Return/Enter. This will bring up the dialogue with export options.

Easy Bake export options

Here you can choose which type of links get baked into the new document you’re creating and you get to choose the new filename for the file you’re creating. I leave all the toggles set to default but change the name of the file to <filename> from the default which changes the file extension to .baked. I can never seem to find the .baked file, which is likely more a me issue than an issue with the plugin, but either way I need to find the file.

Once I’ve done that I press the Bake button and the file will be made and then open in another tab so I can grab the content I need and put it on my site. Once I’ve grabbed the content I delete the newly baked note because I don’t need it around long term.

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Getting Started with Obsidian

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