Greg shared his on again off again notebook habit.

There’s something about writing by hand that feels right to me, even though it’s slower than typing, and you can’t just hit ‘search’ to find something you wrote. But for some reason, I just stopped using my notebook for a few months. It’s like it went into hibernation or something. Eventually, it just stopped being a part of my routine, and by the time summer came around, I had stopped using it altogether.

I know we all hear about the amazing people that journal every day and are more productive than us, and probably have better hair too.

I’m also on/off on my notebook. It sits at my desk so I rarely look it at on the weekend. Sometimes it doesn’t get used during the week despite sitting in front of my keyboard.

I suppose sometimes the notebook isn’t the right tool for my life, and sometimes it is. I’ll keep using it and swap in a new one yearly and I won’t feel bad when I see some video about someone that hasn’t missed a day in years because that’s just not how I use my notebook.