Kelly talks about the stress of leaving Substack because it affects her income.

As mentioned, I have rehomed my Organizing My Thoughts. While the move was necessary, I am pretty stressed out about it. As a disabled writer and organizer, the income I get from my paid subscribers makes a difference in my life. It also allows me to devote more time and energy to my newsletter. But at the end of the day, Substack’s stance on fascist content is incompatible with my antifascist politics. It is my sincere hope that people who are supportive of my decision will be even more enthusiastic about reading and sharing this newsletter. And if anyone feels moved to support this maneuver by becoming a paid subscriber, that would be amazing!

I’ve subscribed because I support this and Kelly has good content.

A few days ago I highlighted Platformer questioning Substack on their Nazi stance, and now Platformer has updated. They’re not moving at this point, but they do seem to be pushing Substack to make a change while also echoing my thoughts that more Nazi accounts will come back.

Whatever becomes of those accounts, though, I fully expect that more will spring up in their wake. So long as Substack allows itself to be perceived — encourages itself to be perceived! — as a home for Nazis, they will open accounts here and start selling subscriptions. Why wouldn’t they?

I’ll continue to watch what Platformer does, but if they moved tomorrow I’d pay for another full year of the subscription to encourage it even though I just paid for a full year in early December.