After the recent updates from Platformer about the Substack Nazi problem I wasn’t convinced that they’d leave the platform. In fact Casey says he wasn’t emphatic enough about his distaste for how little Substack did in the face of criticism. In his words:

I attempted to write a straightforward news story about all this, and wound up infuriating many readers. On the right, I faced criticism for making a fuss out of Substack hosting a handful of small Nazi publications. On the left, I faced even louder criticism for (in their view) appearing to celebrate and validate Substack’s removal of those same publications. (I wrote Tuesday that “Substack’s removal of Nazi publications resolves the primary concern we identified here last week.” I regret using that language. What I should have said was “Substack did the basic thing we asked it to,” and then emphasized that it did not address our larger concerns. Which I did go on to say, though not with the force that in hindsight I wish I had.)

If you’ve been interested in Platformer, I found the whole post a good read. Once the move is done I’ll make sure to renew have my subscription set up to renew at the appropriate time.