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Are Notebooks Better than Digital Tools?

I do carry a notebook to avoid the rehearsal loop and despite loving Obsidian, I do have a notebook at my desk that gets a bunch of my thoughts about taking notes, before I put them into Obsidian. All the notes for the physical books that I read are put in a reading notebook.

I agree with Joel, there is something that feels different about thinking on paper. The effort involved with writing something down means that whatever you write down better be worth the effort. I noticed this early in my reading notes journey, I’d take fewer notes for a book when I would write them down, but I’d retain more and come back to the ideas I wrote down far more often than the ideas I had only typed out in my knowledge tool.

Have you tried using a notebook as a thinking tool? What difference do you find?

What are you Curious About?

Curiosity is a powerful thing. When we’re curious about something it can easily turn into a multi-hour work session where we don’t even notice the time passing. While I understand that many parts of work may, and many entire jobs, have little to do with your curiosity you should still pay attention to the areas that you’re curious about.

Don’t learn something on your own time just because you think you should follow your curiosity to make progress. When you’re curious you no longer have to find reasons to push yourself to do the work of learning, it’s something you want to do.

Tell me what you’re curious about, and where are you sharing that curiosity?

Something Interesting

Luck is the only secret to success in the creator economy. I read this and feel seen. Yes if you’re reading this you’ve found me, but I’ve watched many other creators on YouTube start and storm past me for content that I think is inferior. I guess they get the YouTube algorithm better. There was a time in my career when I was annoyed about this, but now I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing because I enjoy it.

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