In response to Apple’s policies on external purchase for AppStore apps Brent has this to say.

But I need to remember, now and again, that Apple is a corporation, and corporations aren’t people, and they can’t love you back. You wouldn’t love GE or Exxon or Comcast — and you shouldn’t love Apple. It’s not an exception to the rule: there are no exceptions.

For all the talk from Apple of users choosing their walled garden, they aren’t going to really let you have the choice. The rules effectively mean that you won’t be able to get a better price outside the AppStore. Apple feels that for 7-day after a user clicks an external link they deserve payment. If Apple was so sure people would choose to purchase through their “better” option they wouldn’t make the rule so terrible.

The whole policy feels like Darth Vader (Apple) is behind you saying “Pray I don’t alter the deal further”. While I don’t love Epic Games, I hope they win their bad faith argument.