I’ve produced 106 issues of PKM weekly over the course of 2 years and it’s time for this newsletter to come to an end. As I said to members yesterday, I’ve been hitting a schedule and not producing the writing I think is of greatest value. To produce the writing I think is of greatest value I need time and that means something needs to go.

Over 2 years this newsletter has never broken 500 subscribers. Yes almost 500 subscribers is not a small number, but as I’ve surveyed the field coming into 2024 it’s far behind where I think the content should be given the effort I put in. That means it’s not resonating, or I’m a crappy writer. I know I’m a bad marketer.

The purpose of my writing is to help me think better. Part of that is accomplished by publishing it where I know others will look at it and hopefully be critical of what I’m producing. To think about counter points I need time to think and that means I need to cut something.

To that end, this is the last issue of PKM weekly. I’ll be ending it so that I can focus on writing longer stuff and producing videos that go deeper into ideas. The best spot to find all that content is still right here via my RSS feed.

There is nothing I can say no to in my family life. Kids still need to get to the one sport we let them choose[1]. They still need to get fed. I still need to write code to earn enough money to put food on the table.

The things that can give are the things I’ve been doing voluntarily, and that’s PKM Weekly.

Thanks for following it as long as you have. I’m not ending content production, I’m just saying no to this type of production going forward.

I will be repurposing this list for regular emails, but I’m still figuring that out in the midst of thinking about how my membership works and how I deliver interesting content that is exclusive to paid members. If you’re interested to see where that goes, then stay subscribed. If you’d rather opt-out, then feel free. You should never spend time on something that’s no longer fits with your current needs.

Something Interesting

While I think the speakers look ridiculous, Federico goes all in customising his iPad Pro.

Yup I use affiliate links sometimes to support the newsletter. If it’s on Amazon, it’s an affiliate link for sure.

  • [1] Yes that’s right we let our kids do one thing and still I’m driving kids around 6 days a week to get to all the sessions of figure skating the two skaters need to be at. Plus we have one dancer that likes to play piano which has her out as many days as the skaters.