From Matt:

I think one of the unexpected downsides of social media over the past couple decades is how much they have become dunk machines. Yeah, positive stuff can get some traction as well, but if you want to really get people buzzing and boost those engagement numbers, you’re way better off dunking like crazy on some sucker.

As I’ve come into 2024 I’ve been trying to think more about the tech/stuff I like. Much of tech now seems like tools I need, but nothing to be excited about. My favourite computer is my Framework, and my favourite software tool is Linux. Sure my Apple computer is faster, and some of the software is nicer, but it’s just a hammer and it’s hard to get excited about a hammer. It just does it’s job.

This is why I plan to talk more about books this year. Books feel far more interesting than the latest multi-million dollar company that has a new product they think I should purchase.