Matt’s quick tangent on 4k screens is right up my alley.

Rewind a few years to when the Studio Display released and there was a very frustrating conversation at the time about what “real Mac users” demand from a display. There were countless podcasts and blog posts about how a 4K 27″ monitor may be okay for Windows bums, but wasn’t what the discerning Mac user would ever accept in terms of clarity; it was 5K or bust.

It bugged me on several levels, not least of which was that the suggestion kept coming up that you couldn’t do perfect pixel doubling of the UI at 4K and that there would always be some blurriness because of that. This drove me crazy because of course you can do pixel-perfect UI scaling, you just have to do it as an effective 1080p resolution. I get that some people don’t want to do this if they’re used to a 5K monitor, but it’s not a massive difference and it leads to a wonderfully crisp image.

I have a 43″ 4k screen front and center and 2 27″ 4k screens on the sides of my main work station. They all look fine on macOS, and look excellent on Linux.

I’m of the opinion that it’s up to the operating system to work with my screen. If macOS looks bad on a 27″ 4k screen, that’s a problem with macOS not the screen.