Of course the Apple goggles are a preposterously priced novelty looking for a customer base to validate their existence. Rob Horning

I’ve read a few people that are excited about the Apple VisionPro, but a very few because I simply don’t care about it at all. Even with effort I tried to find videos or articles to watch that I could sit through and I couldn’t do it. In fact, all the coverage of Apple’s latest thing made me unsubscribe from a bunch of tech podcasts because I felt a bit of vomit in my mouth even reading the breathless excitement in the description as they were about to embark on another 2 our worship session for the latest product from the fruit company.

In truth, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get excited about anything in the tech space for a while. There is only one laptop that is exciting to me, and I bought it and use it regularly. Framework puts Apple to shame when we compare the claims of sustainability.

I can trivially purchase replacement parts if needed. Heck I was early enough that there was a problem with my batch of CPU fans, so they sent me a new one and I changed it out in 20 minutes without issue.

I keep looking for new tech that gets me excited though. Maybe I’ll find something, but I’m not holding my breath.