I regularly see people using a notebook for tasks saying that they forget to do things, important things. I’d ask if the task was important though if you forgot to do it.

One of the forcing functions of Bullet Journal, or any paper based system, is that when a task feels way to hard to write down on the next day you’re telling yourself that the task isn’t that important. While digital planners are always saying yes to moving your tasks forward, paper planners start with no, your tasks won’t just be there if you don’t look at them and move them.

So I’d ask Lee if the tasks that are getting missed are that important if they’re not getting done.

The place I find digital systems very useful is when I need to track a bunch of links. Often for a given task at work I have links to ZenDesk support tickets, internal Slack discussions, and a GitHub issue, plus possibly updates with dates to talk about when I last looked at this and who was going to deal with it if it’s not me. There is no way to capture Slack links on paper that makes sense. GitHub issues aren’t that hard as the repository name and number gets me to the task, but then tracking a bunch of updates across time in the notes field is crucial to updating tasks that I’m tracking, but not responsible for.

If you’re holding back on paper based task management because you think you’ll forget stuff, ask yourself if the task is so important, why are you forgetting about it at all.