Matt tells an excellent story about fixing his furnace that relates very much to learning anything. While Matt was able to fix some of the issues with his furnace, some were beyond his time spent on YouTube researching. After the HVAC came for the final problem, he fixed it by hitting it with a wrench.

There is no shortcut for experience. You can either spend a little time on something regularly and gain your experience over a longer period of time, or you can spend a lot of time on it and get your experience in a shorter calendar time frame, though the hours and scenarios you must encounter are likely the same.

As Matt goes on to conclude, the free content on YouTube isn’t putting HVAC repair out of work, it’s unlikely that AI will put most people out of work either. AI is perpetually new at the job and has no way to filter good advice from bad advice. I promise you that after my 15 years of programming one of my super powers is being able to look at a blog post possibly related to my problem and being able to filter out if it’s relevant or not, and which part is relevant.

The ability to filter only comes with experience.