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Remember Atomic Notes is just one way of doing things

Danny talks about why he doesn’t use atomic notes. It’s important to remember that anyone telling you how to do your notes is just sharing an idea that may work for you or it may not.

Keep what works and discard the stuff that doesn’t work for you.

Is that author using Propaganda?

Should you be fearful for “the children”? Is the author trying to convert you, or push you away from religion? I enjoyed this video essay and filed it away as I’ve been thinking about what the difference is between teaching your kid stuff, and indoctrinating them.

I love the point that we don’t even see propaganda that we happen to agree with.

Oh and it ends with a Neil Gaiman quote that is as always excellent.

It’s Only Getting Harder to be a Writer Online

Google is now going to use AI to give you the answer to your question directly in search. That means indie blogs like mine won’t get traffic and instead have our content reproduced in search results directly with little attribution, but that won’t make search better. Since most of my readership comes to articles like How to Handle PDFs Natively in Obsidian via search, I expect my traffic to drop.

Less traffic I get to interact with means less course sales, less membership, and less income. It probably means less content at times because I do need to work my main job, and take care of my kids, and take time off for me.

I have found AI useful, but I still want to find the quirky web of real people so I generally keep AI out of my search. If we want the human powered web to stay around we need to remember to visit sites and support the writers.

If AI companies want good AI answers to stay around they need to figure out a way to support creators of that content because all those answers were only generated by a computer after huge amounts of training data provided by the very creators that are going to struggle more as AI eats more of their traffic.

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