I want you to meet a guy that chaffed in many regular businesses.

He didn’t like all the rules that seemed to have no reason.

He hated the fact that so many people could sit around producing little with management doing nothing about it.

He hated the fact that those people participated in profit sharing despite being a drain on the profits of the business.

So he went to work for himself and he was much happier. After a few years, he realised that he was working every evening and weekend. He didn’t get to spend much time with his wife and new baby daughter and despite all this hard work he always felt like it was a struggle to pay the bills each month.

That guy was me.

I’d work all the time and barely see my wife and barely have time to hang out with my daughter despite working from of the house 99% of the time.

Then I decided to do something about it and turned my business around from barely making mid 5 figures to well into the 6 figures within 12 months. I took on fewer clients and made more money while working less. I’m not teaching you theories but real world practices I put into place in my business.

While raising my rates 4X to well above most of my peers my clients complained less and valued my input more.

This site is all about the workflows I use to achieve this level of focus in my field. You can check out my courses to see exactly how I do it.

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