Failure that looks like Success

This was a great post and it comes at an interesting time. See I’ve got this video recorded uploaded and schedule for Wednesday that talks more about my failure/struggles. It’s scary to have it ready since I’m using it as a push to talk with my wife about it. The video claims I have, but […]

Freelance Friday 015 – July 20 2018

Over the last few weeks I’ve done a few things. First, I’ve been working on building a book launch list for my next book called Finding Focus. Second, I’ve been looking at new ways to monetize a bunch of my content. I’ll be looking at content from contributors and doing some reviews of products that […]

Should I Read it 024 – Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

Today’s book is for all of us that have stood feeling dumb at some networking event with no one to talk to. Purchase Captivate on Amazon Written review of Captivate This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by The 8 Week Business Bootcamp. If you’re tired of struggling with your business, […]

How to decode people with Vanessa Van Edwards

Have you ever wanted to be less awkward in social situations? Wanted to not be the one holding a drink in solitude as you try to “network”. Want to be able to read the little expressions that people use as you talk to them? Well then Captivate, by Vanessa Van Edwards is here for you. […]

Facebook isn’t friendship

Losing friends because you’re not on Facebook is only a valid concern to the extent that your ‘friends on Facebook’ are not really friends at all. From the great James Shelley. I do have a Facebook profile but the only thing I use it for is to interact with two groups. One is a book […]

How Many Hours Does a Freelancer Bill In A Day?

I recently had someone reach out to find out what my daily hours looked like. Here were the questions specifically. How many billable hours do you aim for in a day? How many hours of exercise per day? How do you handle disruptions to your schedule? (e.g. do you plan for some leeway in your […]

Producing a winning proposal

The subject of my latest piece at Liquid Web is why you might not be able to talk to the buyer of a project. Do you know the difference between tactics and strategy? Do you know which one the buyer will want to talk about with a good consultant? A buyer that takes you seriously […]

Follow Your Passion…and Buy My $4000 Bullshit Course to Find Out How

While I don’t follow social media much anymore, it seems that any time I dip in the best latest article that people are sharing is some guru writing about how you need to follow you passion. They tell you that once they started to just do what they wanted, the money came rolling in. Of […]

Freelance Friday 014 – July 13 2018

This week I met with my new coach. This coach is all about helping me write and publish a great book. Yes I’ve written 6 and currently have 5 for sale, but the sales have always been much smaller than my dreams. So I stopped going it alone and hired someone to help. If you’ve […]

Should I Read It 023 – Linchpin by Seth Godin

If you’ve been looking for something to read to help you stand out from the crowd, then today’s book is going to give you a swift kick in the head to help you stand out. Purchase Linchpin on Amazon Written Review of Linchpin This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by […]

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