Tools to Stop Freelancer Feast and Famine

Over the years I’ve been helping freelancer’s the biggest question I get is: “How do I get clients.” The big problem that most freelancer’s run into after they get an answer to that question is they get busy. Then they don’t have time to do the marketing that works and they hit a point in […]

It’s sad when the ability to dream dies

I was filling up propane for BBQ season, yes some of you Americans will call it grilling, and the lady whom I paid laughed at my shirt. At first I thought it was because it’s got more than a few visible holes in it, but that wasn’t it. She made a mistake as she read […]

Build Your Saas on Budgeting

Build Your Saas on budgeting. This was a great talk on budgeting and how you think about your expenses. One of the keys is not to get stuck in a mindset either way. Just spending small amounts adds up and never spending can cost you with the time you put in.

Subscriptions can kill your budget

Here is a great illustrated guide to checking your Apple subscriptions from iOS. I didn’t have any I didn’t expect but I know my friend Jason recently did an audit of his recurring expenses and saved himself hundreds of dollars for the year. In my upcoming book The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Started I have […]

Freelance Friday 031 – Nov 9 2018

This week the big thing is that my next book The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Started is available for preorder. Get it now because the price is going up once it launches on November 27th. If you want to make sure you have your freelance business heading out the gate on the right foot, this […]

There is so much good reading outside of self-improvement

Today we’re departing a bit from a full book review because not all books are suited specifically to a review. Some of them are just fun, or informational. They provide little direction to evaluate and communicate. We’re going to look at a bunch of books I’ve read in the last year that I’ve enjoyed for […]

My iOS video workflow on The Sweet Setup

You know I’m iOS first because I’ve said it a few times. Many of you have asked how I do it so I’ve been writing about it. Today you can read about how I shoot and edit videos with LumaFusion on my iPad Pro over on The Sweet Setup.

Some Marketing That Has Worked for Me

In a few weeks, Jason Resnick and I are going to be leading a workshop called Stop the Cycle. We’ll be talking about the marketing that’s worked for us and how to take control of your time so that you don’t miss your marketing activities. Since Jason is going to lead the marketing talk, I […]

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