It was windy on my birthday run

For my birthday I decided to take my new GoPro Hero 7 and put it through it’s paces on a day off with a 30km run in the cold and wind. While not most people’s idea of a good day (water froze, food froze) I loved every minute of it. My gear: Patreon: […]

Make hiring faster without adding stress

Running your own business is stressful and hard work in most cases but, it doesn’t always have to be. Recruiting for businesses is one of the main tasks that have to be carried out, people come and go from jobs for many reasons, so being able to get new employees quickly and easily is crucial […]

iOS, Blink Shell, Mosh and tmux

Over the years as a developer I’d heard about tmux a number of times, but when someone said it was a terminal multiplexer my eyes would glaze over and I’d move on to a more immediate problem that needed solving in my development workflow. Then as I moved to the iPad as my main machine […]

More than one profession?

Darius: How many people can you think of who succeeded at more than one profession or skill? Forget about historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci or any other genius. Most people achieve any form of success or recognition in that one field. Same goes for picking a business niche. Sure you may look at someone […]

Freelance Friday 042 – Feb 15 2019

My daughter had her first two snow days ever this week as we got what many parts of the world would consider barely a dusting of snow (10cm). We got some time out in the snow as a family, and generally had a good time. I’ve been talking to the patreon supporters about paying myself […]

The same amount of time with kids, but more hands on

This article focuses on mothers, but it’s not always mom. My wife works 4 days a week at 3pm and Saturday morning which has me building blocks, reading stories, and taking my kids to play in the snow. While my parents weren’t neglectful, I remember them sending me outside at 5 (the age of my […]

Jason Snell on iOS Roadblocks

From Jason: As I wrote earlier this month, I ended up finishing my Six Colors Report Card story on the Mac because I ran into several roadblocks when I tried to finish the project on my iPad. He has a bunch of minor things that he couldn’t “just do” on an iPad and so…he went […]

What is a parent’s Job?

The last two weeks my oldest has been late to school at least once. It’s a big event for her because she hates being late, but then she’s slow as molasses (like most kids) when it comes to getting ready. Today’s video is about how I let her have a problem because this is the […]

This is NOT a complete review of Things 3

While I’ve been reliant on paper based productivity for a while now, there is something about a digital task manager that still seems useful to me during times that my business is ramping up in complexity. I started this review in late September 2018 when I had 3 code projects going, 6 writing assignments for […]

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