Extra Complexity Everywhere

I’m very much looking forward to the rest of what Jamie will write about…writing. Today’s start is a good rumination on writing getting so much more complex. I’m going through some issues around this right now as well as I try to get out of software lock-in so that I can have as open a […]

School Start Times Say We Don’t Care about Kid’s Education

I heard this first in When, but here is another article talking about how we have early start school times and they’re not the best for kid’s learning. American teenagers are chronically sleep-deprived. As children enter puberty, physiological changes delay the onset of sleep and make it more difficult to wake up early in the […]

Dan Lyons Looks at How Silicon Valley Makes Us Lab Rats

While “hustle porn” is on the way out as something that most people idolize, it’s at least worth wondering why we had some obsession with it anyway. This is where Dan Lyons comes in, specifically with a look at how Silicon Valley has been using workers as Lab Rats to change the way we work, […]

Brydge Keyboard for 12.9” iPad Pro

Like Frederico Viticci of MacStories, every time I have posted an image of testing my iPad Pro with the Brydge keyboard I’ve had some comment about a laptop. I agree with Viticci’s response: why turn an iPad into a laptop when Apple makes actual laptops designed for this purpose? And I have an obvious answer […]

I Only Work Part-Time

Like the author, I really only work part-time though I’ve managed to figure out how to earn a full-time income on maybe more than 30 hours a week. The reason a lot of people work full-time – though they’d rather not – is obvious: part-time jobs as they exist today are often pretty crappy, low-paid, […]

On the Lie of Adtech

Adtech Sucks: Bunch of great quotes here on Adtech and the push to inflate your resume with “budgets” instead of the cost of conversions. I think a key motivation for many workers is their resume. Nowhere is this truer than in marketing. So ask yourself, what campaigns look good on a front-line campaign manager’s resume? […]

Your iPhone May Not Be as Private as You Think

From Fast Company, who says that there are a bunch of apps that are regularly phoning home because the free or $.99 you paid for them wouldn’t support their development unless they sell your information anyway. This is why I don’t question the prices I pay for my software even on iOS. I want he […]

Freelance Friday 058 – June 7 2019

This week I finished off the review of the Brydge keyboard for my 12.9” iPad and it’s awesome. Catch the full review on Monday here and on YouTube. There are two other big things coming down the pipe. First, I’m working on The Freelancer’s Guide to Marketing. Will likely be a few months still, but […]

A Few iPadOS Articles

I look in my feed reader and there are a few articles worth taking a look at for those of us that are iPad first. MacStories: Hands-On with iPadOS and iOS 13 MacStories: Safari on iPadOS is Living Up to the Hype Rocket Panda: Why iOS 13 Made the iPad Home Screen Fun Again The […]

We Love a Flash of Creativity and Forget About Editing

From Ryan Holiday: As a culture, we love flashes of inspiration and we love finished products. We have little interest and little understanding, however, of what goes on in between—of the essentialness of editing and improving and tweaking until whatever we are creating is just right. This idea was echoed in his book Perrenial Seller […]

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