How to Build Habits according to James Clear

Have you ever wanted to start getting up early, or eating better? Oh, I’m sure you have, and I’m sure that you’ve had issues making these new habits stick in your life. Today we’re going to look at Atomic Habits, which is James Clear’s answer to our struggle with building the habits we want and […]

Cory Miller on Friendship

Cory writes: If you want my “friendship” in order to compare and compete on stuff like money, status, or material things … uncheck the friend box please. The more successful you are the more often people call it friendship when it is anything but that. Don’t do this please.

How Outsourcing Can Improve The Way You Do Business

Everyone knows that outsourcing is a way that you can help to grow your business. The thing is, not everyone knows how to do it. Nearly every business owner has tasks in their business that they just don’t want to handle themselves, and it’s the primary reason that businesses grow beyond being run by just […]

5 Tips to Make Your GTD Review Easy and Fast

I wrote about what my routines are recently, one of the reasons I started with them was because I wasn’t getting to my review process. When I didn’t get to my review process I found that I’d spend the night flustered or the weekend with some nagging feeling like the whole house of cards was […]

Ryder Caroll one Notebook Migration

Yup this is for last year, but the process is the same according to Ryder. My favourite quote is: “Maybe it’s not you that is bad at sticking to your goals, it’s your goals that are bad at sticking to you”. This idea is echoed in Atomic Habits (review coming) when James Clear says that […]

Cheri Baker and 8 Months without Facebook

Cheri says: Do you know what the best part of being off Facebook is? I thought it would be having more privacy, or feeling less addicted to checking social media, but what I love most is something else entirely. Now that I’m off Facebook, when I’m with my friends, I’m actually with my friends. This […]

Darius Foroux recommends some books

Find the whole post here. A few of these were added to my list, but I’m going to have to object strongly with Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life as a recommendation. Yes, I agree that the rules themselves are good and I would stand behind many of them. I’ve told my coaching clients […]

Cal Newport on The Attention Blogs Get

Cal Newport writing on his own site: As I noted in Deep Work, if you took the contents of the standard Facebook or Instagram feed and published it on a blog, it wouldn’t attract any readers, or comments, or links. But put this content on a Facebook wall and there’s an implicit social contract in […]

Freelance Friday 035 – Dec 7 2018

This week was a great one around the McHale household. Booked a coffee with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few months. Had a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years over for the night, yup 6 kids were watched while the four adults went out. It also was tough in that I […]

Reflecting on 2018 and Setting Up my Bullet Journal for 2019

With 2019 approaching I’m looking at how I’ll be breaking in my new Bullet Journal. Let’s take a look at how I have started my Journal in the past and what I’m planning on changing for 2019. I’ve typically started with the three exercises I have in my Business BootCamp course. 5 Year Life 4 […]

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