Joe has an all access pass

It’s only $399 and includes a bunch of stuff. If you’re looking to get better at: Podcasting Creating Online Courses Gutenberg Beaver Builder PHP Then you should grab this all access pass while it’s around. Also, Joe is awesome and a fellow iPad first person so….he’s extra awesome.

Should I Read It 040 – The Art of Focus

Today’s show is just a bit different, with my friend Adam Tuck taking over and reviewing my book The Art of Focus. I’ve edited it for audio quality, and left the content intact. Enjoy.

Not the only one doing iPad Web Development

Eric in Laravel News: The idea of working entirely from an iPad has always appealed to me. The portability, the battery life, and of course the touch screen makes it an excellent device. The downside is that everything is sandboxed. You can only run programs from the App Store which makes doing crazy things like […]

12.9 iPad Pro Homescreen 2019

I’ve been doing my iPad life on a 9.7” iPad Pro for my iPad fist workflow. Yes it worked. Yes I found that I was more focused with the iPad Pro and think that iOS is an operating system that lends itself to focus over traditional desktop systems. The constraints it brings had me publish […]

Asian Efficiency – Importance vs Time

Thanh writing at Asian Efficiency: Grab a piece of paper and draw down a line in the middle of the paper. On the left, write down 5 things that are most important to you (order does not matter). Done? Now on the right side, write down 5 activities you spend most of your time doing […]

Work is what you “have” to do

Good insights from Bojan: Everything she was doing – every action she was taking, every decision she was making – was not done out of choice, but out of necessity. Her mind and body were working all day and I was too self-involved to realise this. He’s speaking of his wife’s “workday”, which had a […]

Justin on letting go of cynicism

From Justin: When you’re feeling down, and you see someone else succeeding, it’s hard to open yourself up to their point of view. But that is the very thing you need. You need healthy habits. Changing your mindset (and then your behavior) is the only way to improve your situation. I’ve certainly been on the […]

Freelance Friday 037 – January 11 2019

I’d love to tell you that my New Year of work started off with a bang. That I was so productive your eyeballs will spin. I can’t though. I’ve slept in. I’ve watched movies. I’ve struggled my way through two phone calls. Seriously who knew a phone call could be so so hard. I’ve hated […]

Pixave as Digital Asset Management for iOS (it’s terrible)

One of the places that iOS lacks is it’s Digital Asset Management. Sure, the typical home user has no issues. I had no issues with how iOS handled media until I started doing more videos. As soon as I started recording more video and wanted to keep b-roll around and findable, the limitations in iOS […]

Freelancer Project Management Basics

I wrote a piece for Liquid Web on Project Management for Freelancers. Once you’ve built out an ideal client profile and learned to write good proposals, you should be winning work regularly. A solid client pipeline can create a problem for the inexperienced business owner though. How do you get all the work done? How […]

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