Always on YouTube – of course we have breakdown

YouTube’s burnout problem. Constant changes to the platform’s algorithm, unhealthy obsessions with remaining relevant in a rapidly growing field and social media pressures are making it almost impossible for top creators to continue creating at the pace both the platform and audience want — and that can have a detrimental effect on the very ecosystem […]

@shawnblanc on what he’s most interested in with the new iOS

The calmest iPhone yet Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my iPhone within arm’s reach since I bought the first one in 2007. And it can be easy to use it too much. Which is why I’m all for any features that make it easier to keep the phone less distracting while […]

Don’t prioritize in the moment value

From Cal Newport A key idea in attention capital theory is that knowledge work organizations implicitly prioritize convenience over value production. It makes everyones’ life easier in the moment if you’re quick to reply to email, willing to hop on a call, attend one more planning meeting and join that internal committee. I freely admit […]

Freelance Friday 009 – June 8 2018

This week we switched up the schedule around the office. We’re looking at the revenue of the business and focusing less on the bigger branding things I’ve been doing and more on revenue generating activities because bills need to get paid and such. On that note, this was the last week that I’ll have 2 […]

another reason I don’t watch the news

Speaking of terrorism Today, a bombing in a Brussels metro station is drummed into our heads in real time through constant stories and vivid pictures. It feels like an attack on our own community. Yeah this stuff is never drummed in to my head. I pay way more attention to local news than international news. […]

If you’re not sure where you will be 5 years from today, read this book

It’s a common question to read in any book on achieving your goals. “Where will you be 5 years from today?” Instead of this being one question amidst a bunch of other prescription on how to be more effective or productive, this five year question is what the book Where will you be five years […]

Should I Read It 018 – Where Will You Be Five Years From Today

Today we’re going to look at a beautifully designed book that wants to help you answer the question, where will you be 5 years from today. Purchase Where Will You Be 5 Years From Today on Amazon Written review of Where Will You Be 5 Years From Today Purchase next weeks book The Subtle Art […]

How Fatherhood Changes You

Enjoyed the piece on how men change in fatherhood. The best part was the quotes from dad’s at the end around what changed in them. “I do nothing I used to, I do things I never thought I would, I survive on less sleep than I ever thought and I love more than I believed […]

Yup let’s stop dad bashing

From Diary Of the Dad: Dad bashing has become so normal and engrained in our culture that it seems to have become acceptable. And it has to stop. Is it any wonder that men still don’t get the same parental leave choices as women when society views us this way? I’ve been on the end […]

It’s time to start defining success different

The new definition of success is not about the most revenue, employees, and office space but the most profit, generated through the fewest employees and with the least expensive office space. – Profit First How have you define success in the past? For me it’s sometimes been owning the latest and greatest Apple product. Finding […]

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