The purpose of this book is to explore the possibilities of a post scarcity society[1] and whether work should really be the center of meaning in our world. According to the author we must start to move past capitalism towards a way of organizing society that doesn’t put your only value as work in exchange for monetary value[2].

We see comparisons to the Belle Epoque, but with the added hardship that most people can’t just stay on their farms and provide for themselves[3]. There is no way for any of us to ride this out, we must engage in the economy as we try to force it to change.

The entire final chapter is about the post-scarcity society model that the author thinks could work. They’re not as sold on basic income as I am, but they agree we need something like that to make a post-scarcity, post-capitalist society work.

Overall, decent read but not a stand out book for me.

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