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Defiant brings us the final face off between The Superiority and the few races that have gathered with Humanity to say no to the enslavement of everyone. Our protagonist, Spensa, has to wrangle with her reality warping powers as a second being has melded with her soul and she now has to provide the control both of them need to not send everything around them into another dimension.

In this final book in the Skyward arc I found Spensa to be a bit of an annoying character for a good chunk of the book. She was whining lots and seemed to purposely miss the clear cues given off by others about how much support she had to help her through the difficulties she had to deal with. It felt like a sitcom where everything would be solved in the first 5 minutes if the characters just talked to each other, but then we’d have no story.

Thankfully in the latter third of the book things took a turn for the better and Spensa felt more believable again.

I would recommend the entire Skyward series to anyone that’s up for reading a YA novel. If you want something deeper, this probably isn’t for you though it is a fun romp through dimensions and space.

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