Jaws explores the idea that our jaw is becoming undersized and it’s a hidden thing that no one but the author sees. The “establishment” won’t recognize the problem, but keeps treating the symptom only.

The first hint that this book might not be as good as the author thinks is that it’s co-author is Paul Ehrlich, who wrote The Population Bomb, which predicted a huge population bomb that would threaten the stability of the world. We’re long past the events predicted by Ehrlich, but he keeps saying it’s coming…just you wait[1].

I call this type of book a “one simple trick” book. The author has one simple trick that they know and they’re sharing with you that will help with your life and health…or whatever it is they’re selling. Often authors even seem to know that they’re skating on thin ice scientifically, as with this book where they say that their conclusions are based an anecdotes not research[2].

One of the most ridiculous assertions is of the “zombie” kids all tired with their far too small jaws hanging open at a “Florida theme park”. The author says this is clearly because they spend too much time eating soft food thus have small jaws which leads to poor breathing technique (mouth breathing) which is why they’re so tired[3]. Or just maybe the kids are excited and traveled and didn’t sleep well because they’re on vacation at a theme park, at least that’s where I’d put my money.

Overall, the book skates on thin ice the whole time and the authors acknowledge that they’re big source is not respected in dental circles, but we should believe them anyway.

Don’t read this book.

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