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  • I’m on Vacation

    Yup that’s right I’m on vacation and I didn’t just work way extra at first to “get ahead”. I’m spending the weekend biking with friends and doing a birthday party for my niece. Back to regularly scheduled stuff next week.

  • Have We Fallen Into the Hapiness Trap

    I don’t believe that if you find what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. In fact, I find this to be a faulty belief that causes much grief for so many. To some extent, we’ve all fallen into happiness rhetoric and it’s harming us. This is a members-only post. If you…

  • Am I Better Known for Taking Notes or Thinking?

    Today I talk about the struggle of being known for taking notes instead of the thinking and content that those notes produce. You can read the full post by becoming a member..

  • What If I Didn’t Do Social Media?

    So the news that Elon Musk is trying to purchase Twitter has many people saying they’ll leave Twitter for other pastures. Today that mostly means a Mastodon instance if you’re looking for a Twitter-like experience. How about a bigger question, why do you even need social media anyway? You’re reading a members only post I…

  • The Happiness of Eating Food off the Ground

    Today I ask some questions about happiness and talk about the charming contentedness of Beau Miles. If you want to read my member posts become a member. Members get my courses included..

  • Childhood Mental Health Issues Puts Parents at Risk Too

    Sure some people say that Canada has Universal Health Care, but we do almost nothing to support mental health. This compounds the issue for parents of children with mental health issues. We expect them to be perfect all the time and keep any mental health breakdowns of children at home where society doesn’t have to…

  • When Do We Stop Supporting Someone

    Today I explore the bounds of cancel culture and when we may stop supporting someone. In particular, I look at JD Vance who wrote Hillbilly Elegy, which I liked. Now he’s a supporter of Donald Trump, who I find abhorrent. In many ways, his change of heart seems politically expedient to try and gain power.…

  • The Bottom of the Book Pyramid

    I think that far too many people are taking too many notes on sources that deserve barely a passing glance. I think I’m one of those people so let’s talk about the bottom of the book pyramid. If you want to read these member posts become a member. Members get my courses included..

  • Hate Reading and Advertising Increase Polarization

    What would it take for you to see the nuance in a hard argument about gun control or abortion? Turns out all it takes is to be presented with all the grey areas in the discussion. Unfortunately, media doesn’t thrive on grey areas, it thrives on eyeballs and polarization. If you want to read more…

  • What if Cops Had to Pay for Bullets?

    This is usually reserved for paying members. If you want my weekly members only post you should become a member. Just before Christmas as I was packing my house to move I saw this teacher’s dash for cash tweet. What we have here is teachers entertaining a crowd at a hockey game as they fight…