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  • Florida Isn’t Banning Books to Keep Kids Safe

    The news that’s captured my thoughts the last number of days has been the teachers and librarians that are emptying their libraries of books so they don’t run afoul of a new policy that says they could be charged with a felony for exposing kids to offensive books. All materials need to be reviewed and […]

  • Shocks are Used to Steal Human Rights and Invade Countries

    Today we take a brief look at The Shock Doctrine and how the shocks of war and environmental disaster are used to further capitalism and steal from people. If you want to read these posts become a member. Members get my courses included..

  • Should You Read Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P Scheper

    No, you shouldn’t and if that’s all you came for, go read something else. If you want to find out why I don’t think the book is worth your time, read on. This post is usually members only. If you want to get my research notes every Saturday, become a member. Points I Agree With…

  • Should Your Family Live Wild and Free

    Today we look at Wild and Free by Dr. Ainsely Arment. While I admire the push towards connection with your children, I’m not as hot about the last chapters. If you want to read my research notes become a member..

  • We Don’t Care About the Kids

    I don’t want to just talk about taking notes, I want to produce something. To that end, I share a year-long research project that I hope will finish in a book about people really not caring about children. Sure we say we do, but the design of schools and society in general clearly show we…

  • The Folly of Sidewalk in Toronto

    A shorter one today as I’m on holiday but I finished a book called Sideways: The City Google Couldn’t Buy. Here are some things that stuck out to me. First, we always want to look for the “sexy” innovations instead of doing what has been established as working1. We see this as we plan roads…

  • I’ve Heard Students Don’t Like School

    Today we look at some of the good and bad from Why Don’t Students Like School by Daniel T. Willingham. If you want to read the entire post, become a member. Members get all my courses included..

  • I’m Not Bullish About Big Tech

    Does big tech do anything good for us? What about VC money, has it brought any benefit outside enriching already rich people? To read this post become a member. Members get my courses included..

  • I Wasn’t Productive Today and I Won’t be Productive Tomorrow Either

    Today we talk about the myth pushed by businesses and self-help guru’s that the reason you’re not successful is that you’re not working hard enough. That if you just do more you’ll finally be successful. Really, it’s a way to exploit your labour and take as much value as possible from you. If you want…

  • The American Dream is Ruining America

    Today we talk about the suburban hell that is ruining America. If you want to read these member posts become a member. Members get all my courses included..