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  • Share Content from Chrome to Craft

    Share Content from Chrome to Craft

    Recently in the [Craft](https://craft.do) Slack channel someone wanted to know if it was possible to get Craft’s Share Sheet functionality from Safari into Chrome. The quick answer is, yes this is entirely possible to do and tie it to a keyboard command. Today’s video shows you how to do just that.

  • Picking Projects Back Up

    We all have to stop working at some point every day, but how do we remember where we left off on the project? Today I’ve got a few tips around how I remember where I was in my code and how I keep track of all of the tabs I had open for a project.…

  • Using Delicious Bookmarks with Chrome

    Like many people today I’m a Chrome user. It’s simply faster and more stable than Firefox and all of the thing I really have to have for extensions are present in Chrome. Sure I’ve got Firefox (and all other browsers) around because I build websites for a living and need to test things but Chrome…