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  • WordPress – Plugins or Theme Functions.php

    __UPDATE__: I’ve taken a second stab at the topic on [WP Theme Tutorial][wptheme]. While I’ve mentioned it in my presentations on [Mobile WordPress development](http://www.slideshare.net/curtismchale/mobilizing-wordpress) I’ve never really expanded on my thoughts on building WordPress features in the theme functions.php file or in a plugin. ### What’s the Difference? If you’re just starting out in WordPress […]

  • Including code in WordPress Child Themes

    Including code in WordPress Child Themes

    A project of even moderate size easily builds up quite a few items in it’s functions.php file. Even when working on a child theme I find that it’s not uncommon to need to add a custom admin panel or a custom post type. There is another gotcha in child themes though. Typical code samples that…