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  • Most of the Apps Jeff Uses on the iPad aren’t from Apple

    From Jeff: I used to flame people on Twitter for saying that the iPad wasn’t a “real computer,” but as I step further away from my iPad, the less I feel like it was ever meant to be a primary computing device. I love my iPad Pro (11″ 2020 model), and I use it for […]

  • A Few iPadOS Articles

    I look in my feed reader and there are a few articles worth taking a look at for those of us that are iPad first. MacStories: Hands-On with iPadOS and iOS 13 MacStories: Safari on iPadOS is Living Up to the Hype Rocket Panda: Why iOS 13 Made the iPad Home Screen Fun Again The…

  • iPad and Mac Mini

    My next computer will be a mini so I liked this post about what Frederico Viticci is doing to control his Mac from his iPad.

  • Magazines on the iPad, A floundering Business?

    So The Daily and Huffington are having a hard time making ends meet. While some think it has to do with a flawed content model I think it has to do more with experience. I’ll admit up front that I have not ever tried Huffington or The Daily. Judging from their demos they seem to…

  • Editing Code on the iPad

    Panic released Coda 2 (AppStore) and Diet Coda (AppStore) recently. Coda 2 will replace Coda 1 for me, it’s my cowboy coding (live on the server) tool and nothing is even close for that task. Probably more intriguing is Diet Coda though. On my ride to Seattle I left the laptop (13″ MBP) since carrying…