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  • The Best Solution Is the Simplest and Oldest Sometimes

    From Mark We live in a world of nearly endless options for productivity and writing software. Personally, I’ve tried many. But sometimes the best solution is one of the simplest and oldest. For me, that solution was “downgrading” to plain text files as my primary means for note-taking, writing, knowledge management and life organization. I’ve […]

  • Markdown Pro on Sale

    I’ve only downloaded the app and used it for a few minutes so this is not some review to tell you the app is amazing. I’ll say within the first few minutes I don’t think my $1.99 was a waste. Since Markdown Pro is on sale today only I figured I’d get the post out…

  • Distraction Free MacVim with Markdown

    I’ve been using MacVim as my sole code editor for almost a year now and have started to modify the stock config presented in Janus. Today with the suggestion of @matthewlang I’ve got two new items to add to my .vim configuration. VimRoom Brings distraction free writing to Vim/MacVim. One thing I really find frustrating…