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  • My Legs should be Charged with Murder

    Well it seems my ongoing saga with wheel breakage continues. Wednesday August 22 2012 I managed to destroy a 3 month old Mavic Akaiim rear wheel accelerating off a stop sign turning a corner. To add to the mayhem, I was in my largest cassette cog and the wheel got so warped that after 2 […]

  • Mavic Aksium 5000km Review

    Update May 15, 2012: About 2 weeks ago I blew through 2 more rear spokes on the non-drive side at the head (not the nipple near the rim). Mavic offered to take it back and rebuild it, then decided to simply ship out a new one. I was going to leave the update on this…

  • Mavic Aksium Review

    **UPDATE April 17, 2012:** I’ve now done a [5000km review][5000] of the wheels. The short version is I repeat what I think below and highlight a problem. While I haven’t blogged about each time I’ve broken a spoke, I’ve been through almost 10 spokes in the last year. Most of the spokes I’ve busted have…