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  • Margin Gives You Breathing Room

    Good short post from Shawn on breathing room. To be blunt, without margin, you are suffocating your ability to walk out your values. The margin I’ve created in my business lets me take Monday’s off for adventures in the mountains or to hang out with my kids just because they asked me to play with […]

  • The Busy Humblebrag

    As always James Shelly writes well, this time about being busy. Few excerpts, and yes I grabbed copies of most of the papers cited. Thorstein Veblen proposed in 1899 that wealthy elites flaunt their leisure time as a class and status symbol. Leisure, he summarised, was less about relaxing and more about demonstrating the ability…

  • Dan Lyons Looks at How Silicon Valley Makes Us Lab Rats

    Dan Lyons Looks at How Silicon Valley Makes Us Lab Rats

    While “hustle porn” is on the way out as something that most people idolize, it’s at least worth wondering why we had some obsession with it anyway. This is where Dan Lyons comes in, specifically with a look at how Silicon Valley has been using workers as Lab Rats to change the way we work,…

  • BS Called on 70 Hour Weeks

    From Jason Shen on Fast Company: Have there been times where I was stressed and working long hours to get everything done? Sure. Has it ever been anything near 80 hours in a single week? No way. I can feel my mental sharpness decline in the late afternoon, and the best way for me to…