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  • What is a Minimum Viable Product

    The whole notion of a minimum viable product stems from the fact that you don’t want to work away on ‘the next big thing’ only to launch it and find out that you’re the only one that thinks it’s worth any money. But there is some danger in getting something bare bones out. Sometimes, though, […]

  • Getting Customers for a New Product

    I’ve mentioned before that I have a product in the works so I’m obviously interested in how to get customers for it. While there are a number of good tips in the article a few seem off base, or at least shady. Build a network of landing pages that target various other long tail keywords…

  • Launching a Product

    Something I need to start looking at is [getting interest drummed][launch] up for a product I’m working on. > As anyone who’s ever launched a start-up knows: It’s really, really hard to get new users. I’ll be doing number 3 and already have a bunch of people that I’d like to invite to try the…