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  • Typing.io – Typing Practice for Programmers

    A few months back I changed over to Dvorak for my keyboard layout. Having a number of resources around for typing practice was crucial to getting my typing speed back up to what it had been. None of the typing tutors out there are really meant to help programmers type faster. Programming requires far more […]

  • Don’t Call Yourself a Programmer or a Freelancer Even

    Great article on why you should not call yourself a programmer. A few highlights below. Software solves business problems. Software often solves business problems despite being soul-crushingly boring and of minimal technical complexity. and: Engineers are hired to create business value, not to program things. Same goes for most sites, clients need to establish a…

  • The Great Windows Code Editor Hunt: InType

    InType Logo

    We’re now on the third code editor in our epic hunt for a great windows editor. If you’d like to catch up and see where we’ve been: The Great Windows Code Editor Hunt: Part 1 Dreamweaver Komodo Edit Now it’s on to InType. InType is still in Alpha and is similar to Textmate for OSX.…

  • The Great Windows Code Editor Hunt: Komodo Edit

    Komodo edit logo

    Second up on my list of code editors to review is Komodo Edit. No we’re not talking about the paid IDE but the free version. The Good Komodo Edit is developed on the Mozilla platform which means it’s a cross-platform code editor just like Firefox is a cross-platform web browser. As I said when I…