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  • Does a Bike Fit Make a Difference?

    As I [recently mentioned](http://back2cycling.com/2011/05/06/fitting-the-ride-or-how-my-old-position-sucked/) I got a proper bike fitting. I’ve always been an advocate of getting a proper fit on a bike while skipping it myself. I just figured after riding for 15+ years I had the bike fit fine, boy was I wrong. ### What Changed As I said in the fit we […]

  • Tracking Your Climbing Performance, A Strava Review

    I recently published a [review of RunKeeper](https://curtismchale.ca/2011/04/26/runkeeper-review/) during which I concluded that it really was mostly useless to me as far as tracking cycling performance. ### Good Strava’s big feature that set’s it apart from other offerings is their focus on climbing. Strava categorizes climbs on your route and will find out who is the…