Twitter: Turning Kings in to Serfs

Ben Brooks felt strongly enough about the changes to the Twitter API changes that he pushed this [post][art] past his recently implemented pay wall. > When you are focused on just making money you not only end up screwing people over, but you end up gutting your service. Twitter is gutting the soul from itself […]

Twitter Really is the Bad Guy in this Story

So I wrote briefly about the censorship of a journalist that was critical of NBC and they’re Olympic coverage. Sure NBC was dumb for filing the complaint but it seems Twitter is the real bad guy in this journalist censorship story. It’s hard to remember now that Twitter was once the darling of techies everywhere. […]

Most People use the Native Twitter Client Anyway

I’ve [talked][talk1] more than [once][ins] about Twitter restricting it’s API. Sure most people I know don’t use the native Twitter clients, but most people I know easily qualify as power users of pretty much anything they use. It seems that the [general Twitter user][art] uses Twitter’s apps or the website. Twitter has these stats as […]

Twitter, Not Only Screwing Around with Their API

So not only is Twitter screwing around with user data through their API, they’re getting in to censorship now. The article on The Huffington Post has more detail. Ultimately, the email address was public. Saying it’s not is like saying my email is not public (see my contact page). NBC just through some weight around […]

Here Goes Twitter Screwing Around

[As I talked about][talk] a while ago, Twitter is starting to get jealous with its data and API. Just recently the gave [Instagram the shaft][inst] by shutting it out of the API which allows Instagram users to find other Twitter friends. While I can certainly see that Instagram is a heavy user of the API […]

Twitter – Disrespecting It’s Users

Monday of this week I got an email from Twitter with a digest of stuff. Once I realized what it was I deleted it. First, I never signed up for this email. Second, Twitter never told me this was starting and gave me the chance to opt out. This totally smacks of the crap Facebook […]

Do You Let Your Tech Get in the Way?

I recently [shared some images taken on the bike][bikeimage], and while I enjoy taking pictures of the stuff I get to see, I’m out there to really experience it too. Even the morning that post went up I was riding and watched the sun rise over the local mountains and I thought about taking a […]

Twitter as a Free Service

A recent comment on my post about staying away from services with no business models noted the irony that they found the link to the post via my Twitter account. Twitter if course is by an large a free service, but it’s not really a service that has no business model. Currently Twitter has the […]

Finding the Right Twitter Client – Echofon

Before Twitter had their own app I tried many different options like Tweetdeck (way too busy), Heltweetica (meh), and Echofon all of which needed to be revisited when Twitter announced their new application policies. Today we’ll look at the features of Echofon. I suppose it’s also worth noting that since Twitter has made their announcement […]

Drawing a Line with Social Media

It’s not news to anyone that social media is everywhere. We’re all on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, Gowala…at what point does it all this sharing of our life become too much? How much do we let our personal and business life become intertwined? This is an especially poignant question for freelancers who do business under […]

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