So I wrote briefly about the censorship of a journalist that was critical of NBC and they’re Olympic coverage. Sure NBC was dumb for filing the complaint but it seems Twitter is the real bad guy in this journalist censorship story.

It’s hard to remember now that Twitter was once the darling of techies everywhere. They had an open API and added features from their users (like @replies). Now they lock down our data and tattle on journalists that are critical of advertisers.

Yes it seems that Twitter actually told NBC about the critical tweets and provided them with a form to fill out for the complaint. They basically told NBC that they wanted to censor someone but they need a reason, and asked NBC to provide a reason.

Now where are all those Twitter clones of a few years back? Kind of wishing I did support one so that Twitter wasn’t the only game in town.

2 responses to “Twitter Really is the Bad Guy in this Story”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Looks to me like their policy doesn’t apply to the offending tweet.
    Only non-public, private email addresses which haven’t been previously published are barred.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I agree. Just being idiots.