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  • WordPress Upgrade Fear

    Decent article on WPRealm discussing why users don’t upgrade. The biggest reason I’ve found is that their web developer failed them. Any client I’ve talked to that is not upgrading their site is afraid of something breaking. While that may be the reason they give, it’s not the real reason. Really users aren’t upgrading because […]

  • Creative Cloud, I’m not Buying

    I may be a bit late to the party, but Adobe has announced [Creative Cloud][adobecloud] pricing. If you didn’t know already, I’m [not][adobe1] a [big fan][adobe2] of Adobe. I want a proper competitor to come along and dethrone the beast with bloated software, and Creative Cloud does nothing to change my opinion. As I say…

  • Bring on the New: CS4 is out

    A few weeks ago Adobe announced that Sept. 23 was the release day for CS4. Well today was the big day in the design industry…Adobe announced and is shipping CS4 starting now. I had opportunity to watch the live showing off of some of the new features of CS4 and wow. I answered my own…