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  • iOS, Blink Shell, Mosh and tmux

    iOS, Blink Shell, Mosh and tmux

    https://youtu.be/M0axVFIemQ86 Over the years as a developer I’d heard about tmux a number of times, but when someone said it was a terminal multiplexer my eyes would glaze over and I’d move on to a more immediate problem that needed solving in my development workflow. Then as I moved to the iPad as my main […]

  • Let’s Make Sure That we Enhance the Good Name of Web Developers

    If you’ve spent more than a few days building sites or software you’ve had an email or call where the client mentions: > It’s pretty simple, it won’t take long. Really I could do it but I just don’t have the time. It certainly gets my hackles up to hear that since it’s typically a…

  • Changing the default ‘required’ in cformsII to an image

    I recently had a client request a red asterisk instead of the default (required) that comes with cformsII the wordpress plugin. As it was actually my first time using cformsII in any fashion I started with a quick search to see if there was a documented work around to make this happen. While I did…

  • Cool Web Developments

    Surfing through my RSS feeds today I came upon a number of very cool web developments that I thought I would bring to your attention. IE 8 InPrivate browsing. Pulled from ArsTechnica. Looks like IE 8 may mean that analytics programs we use to track our site traffice will no longer work. One of the…