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  • The Everything Bucket Just Never Stuck

    It’s always interesting to see the development of a person. Back in 2009 Shawn Blanc wrote a review of Yojimbo as a case for an ‘anything bucket’. Shawn’s Yojimbo review was actually my first encounter with his writing, and it was good enough I gave Yojimbo a shot. I had tried Evernote many times but […]

  • Looking at Yojimbo

    Recently I gave some thoughts on Evernote. The review of Evernote was really prompted when I looked at Yojimbo and started wondering why I used Evernote instead. The first and obvious reason I’ll get out of the way now, I was on Windows and Yojimbo is OS X only so until recently I didn’t have…

  • Review of Evernote on OS X

    I’ve been a long time Evernote user and have tried storing everything from receipts for purchases to code snippets in it. Today I figured I’d give you a quick walk through of my likes and dislikes of Evernote. The Good One of the absolutely standout features of Evernote is the text recognition on images. Seriously…