Getting clients is the key to having a business. If you have no clients then you have no business. The first big hurdle to get over is: If you’re not selling yourself, then no one is. You must market your business, in fact you are in the business of marketing and sales.

Even if your clients think they’re purchasing code, or design, or words, that’s not what your job is. Your job is to market and sell your services.

If you want to dig in and learn how to market your business, here is the fastest education you can get.

Read Perennial Seller to Learn to Market Your Business

Perennial Seller is a fairly new addition to the list. I read it in late 2017 and loved Ryan Holiday’s take on the struggle it takes to build a project that people will appreciate. While the first bit of the book is more for author’s, there is lots of carry over for everyone. The second half of the book is all about what it takes to build a platform, which is exactly what you need to do if you’re going to build a business that generates sales regularly.

Read Book Yourself Solid to learn how to Market Your Business

I read this a few times before I did the work because it felt hard. The thing is, as soon as I did the work, my business took off. I went from a middling 5-figure business to a decent 6-figure business in one year. Without the information I learned by doing the work in Book Yourself Solid, it wouldn’t have happened.

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