What to Read to Learn to Write Better Proposals

There are so many ways you can waste your time in the proposal process. You can respond to RFP’s (don’t do that). You can not understand the needs of your prospects. You can write a bad proposal. Below is a collection of the best reading I’ve done on writing better proposals.

Writing Proposals That Win Work

After doing the reading below, I took the information, tested it and kept what work. In that process I wrote Writing Proposals that Win Work. If you want the most concise thoughts on writing awesome proposals, then this is the book to start with.

Once you’ve learned the basics of writing better proposals, you can dive deeper into the subject with the books below.

Get Writing Proposals That Win Work so you can write better proposals.

Million Dollar Consulting Proposals

Okay this list is short because so many of the books out there are not built for small business owners. They’re all written to big companies sending in proposals for huge contracts. Million Dollar Consulting Proposals is different though. It gives you lots of practical advice if you want to take your client proposals to the next level. Million Dollar Consulting Proposals gives you lots of different ways to structure deals so that you can earn more and your client can get high value.

Win Without Pitching

This one takes a different tack on writing better proposals, by saying you don’t even have to do it. If you can treat the prospect the right way and frame your business well, you can win work without pitching them at all. I use many of the tactics here and never end up in some pitching battle with other providers.

What I’ve Written to Help You Write Better Proposals