As I was digging through my RSS feeds today I found a bunch of useful information that I thought I would pass on.

Starting off there is a great article on the implementation of sIFR3. It takes you from a discussion on how to implement it to the what if questions regarding the lack of Flash plugins or javascript. The post includes all of the info including links to file downloads to get you going.

Second is an article on choosing colours that match your brand. It provides resouces for finding out which words are associated with certain colour types and a number of links to additional resources for learning to choose colours appropriately.

Third is an article on acceptable cross browser differences. While we strive to have a website look the same in all browsers at time we do need to just accept a difference. This is a list of the differences that the author believes are acceptable. All of the things listed are totatlly acceptable differences in rendering of websites.

Finally is a great article form Blog Design Blog on how to disassemble a free wordpress theme. As the author states, most wordpress articles are written for people to design a new wordpress theme from scratch not how to dig into an existing one and modify it as needed. If you have found a good design and just need to tweak it keep and eye out for this series of articles.

Enjoy the reading.

2 responses to “Tuesday News Round Up”

  1. Seth Avatar

    Great post. I loved the wordpress article. The cross browser differences article was good as well, though some may feel that is should be exactly the “same” on each browser.

  2. curtism Avatar


    Yes some feel that way but I think it depends on what browsers you see on your site. On this site I see 90% Firefox or Webkit based browsers. So I don’t worry that I have achieved the rounded corners with browser specific border radius tags. Yes IE won’t see them but that is 10% or less of the people who see my site and I think the design comes across fine without it.