Web Designer Needed: Don't Apply if you use Dreamweaver

dw-iconWe've all seen job adds like the title. One that bascially discounts you as a coder on the basis of your tool of choice. Once that basically says "real web designers/developers don't use Dreamweaver."

I do use Dreamweaver. Oh yeah I also use Notepad++ and Textwrangler. I have tried coda (great by the way) and BBedit and Aptana and many other applications for web development.

At my fulltime job it simply comes down to cost. I use Dreamweaver because it is in CS3. There is no real break through feature that I could find to justify to my boss so that they would purchase Coda. At home I use Dreamweaver because there is no good alternative on a PC. Sure there is Notepad++ but no mater how many times I have tried I can't get the code completion to work. Really why would I waste time to get an application working when Dreamweaver works out of the box? It's just not good practical use of my limited time. Using Dreamweaver has no bearing on my code writing skills.

The problem with Dreamweaver is that a large number of people purchased it solely on the basis of the WYSIWYG view. Really these are the people that recruiters want eliminated from applying for jobs as web designer/developers not the ones that hand write code inside Dreamweaver.

So come on people that post jobs know what it is that you want. You want good web designers/developers. Let them use whatever tool they find most reliable and easy to use. If it's Dreamweaver fine. Focus on the end product not the tool used.