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Free cformsII stylesheet

cformsII by delicious days
cformsII by delicious days

I work with wordpress tonnes and most sites I build need a contact form of some sort. My default plugin for forms on wordpress is cformsII. My only real complaint with the plugin is that the stock stylesheet is huge and a bear to work with.

To solve that problem I created my own and decided today to share it with you. Please if you have any suggestions on how to make it better leave them in the comments or hook up with me on twitter @curtismchale.

Download the stylesheet.

Usage Instructions

To use this stylesheet with your cformsII form simply go to the cformsII/styling menu and deactivate the stylesheet. Now use the @import method to include your new stylesheet from the main site stylesheet.

The stylesheet accomodates one main form and the use of the cformsII widget. You will have to change some of the div’s call to suit your site.

You may use this stylesheet with no attribution for any of your projects. If you would like to distribute it please link back to this post.

Have fun styling your forms.

Edit: While cformsII was nice it doesn’t compare to using Gravity Forms. I don’t do forms any other way anymore so go purchase Gravity Forms.

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