You Might Need a Redsign If

ugly website
ugly website

If you have a website and are contemplating a redesign of the site here’s a quick little check list of items to help you make the decision

  • You have rotating graphics on your site
  • You have used the blink tag
  • You have used b or i tags
  • You’re updating content regularly without a CMS
  • You’ve continually added information without ever addressing how that information is laid out
  • Your site looks anything like these
  • You paid less than $1000 for your last ‘corporate’ website
  • You said the words “make the logo bigger” at any point in the design process of the last site
  • None of the files on your server have .css at the end
  • You used the “auto website” feature provided by your website hosting company
  • You downloaded a free template for your site
  • Your website is older than most of your wardrobe
  • You had the website designed by a ‘friend just starting out’ or a family member

So anything to add to the list?

7 responses to “You Might Need a Redsign If”

  1. lol.. nice
    you may also have to redesign your website
    When you see one of your friends has a better designed website then you 🙂