Your Workflow site design
Your Workflow site design
Your Workflow site design

I’ve been blogging on random things here for a few years now. I’ve taken a few breaks here and there of course but I think I have been fairly consistent and accomplished the goals needed for this site/blog. Today I announce that I will be changing the focus of the site and blog.

The Focus

This site is really meant to generate leads for clients. Currently my top searches have little to do with anything a small business would be looking for. Because I like blogging in general I will be opening a new blog on April 20 2010 called Your Workflow.

Your Workflow will be focusing on the workflows of people in the creative and coding industry. Everything from client acquisition, to coding, to database design and management.

The Idea

The idea for Your Workflow came from a car ride discussion with @dkubb about the tools each of us use to track our time and invoice clients. The others in the car were deeply interested and have been bugging me for a few weeks to get some of my ideas out.

To that end Your Workflow will be started.

But what about…

What about some of the series posts you’ve been doing on this site? I plan to finish them still. Some will move over to Your Workflow some will finish out here. It just depends on the audience they suit.

Your Workflow

If you’re interested in Your Workflow head over to the site and follow the twitter account listed there.

2 responses to “Time for a Change”

  1. Arcterex Avatar

    Sounds like a cool site, looking forward to seeing it and helping to contribute to it if I can!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar

      I’d be happy to have you contribute so now you’re on the hook.