PHP docs stripslashes()

**Update:** This is not the right way to do this. Use WordPress functions to sanitize data. April 27, 2012

While I might be showing a bit about my PHP naivety but while working with theme options recently I found that some of my content had a just before a single quote. Now I knew it was working to escape the content but didn’t know how to get that dang out of the content. After reading up a bit more on escaping and data sanitization I found the


function and guess what it does exactly what you’d think.

Remember if you’re going to echo any theme options to call


on it too. So my theme options changed from

echo get_option( theme_option_name );


echo stripslashes( get_option( theme_option_name ) );

And we’ve killed the that were messing us up.

2 responses to “Using stripslashes() with Theme Options”

  1. Tom Avatar

    Finaly! Seriously, I’ve been banging my head over this, trying to get this working on my new WordPress theme, when calling a theme option.

    I’ve tried different codes in the functions.php and so on, but it was really this simple.

    Gawd, what a relief – thanks!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar

      No problem, I did the same thing for a while then found the solution and figured others would have the same issue.