If you’ve ever worked with WP e-Commerce themes you know the code is pretty terrible. Not only can you not include the template files in your normal WordPress theme and have them work, the code is duplicated all over the place. Want to change the purchase button? Well you need to edit single_product.php, product_list.php, list_view.php and grid_view.php.


Why on earth would any decent programmer want to go into four different files to edit code is beyond me. I’ve got better things to do with my time than edit/re-edit the same files all day.

My Solution

Today I took the default WP e-Commerce theme and tried to cut out a bunch of duplicate code. I didn’t have the Gold Cart plugin installed (that’s another stupid thing, why can’t it run on localhost without activation????) so I didn’t get to check the function of grid view but the stock views work and we’ve cut a bunch of the duplicate code out through the use of the amazing include in PHP.

I know it’s totally new which is why WP e-Commerce doesn’t use it but I decided to be cutting edge and use it.

Download the theme from Github.


Use it however you want. I’d appreciate a link to this post instead of offering a direct link to the Github repo, but I have no way of checking, and I have better things to do than checking things like that (like wash my hair).

If you find things that need improving either fork it and submit a pull request or let me know and I’ll see about fixing it.

2 responses to “A Clean WP e-Commerce Theme”

  1. izoel Avatar

    Thanks for shared Curtis, you will never know, what i’m handling right now, Wp Ecommerce + 32 Plugins Installed from the last developer who had to stop developing because so many error ….yes..32 Plugins ..you know what is the worst scenario using this.. my localserver has died because of this, so many bloated ..mixed clashed plugins , but would like to try this clean one.. hopefully it will save the day .. even tough that i’m not superman enough to take the challenge, but in other hand it’s good for my experience , Dear client..if you see this message , .. like i told ya 🙂

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I’m not a big fan a lots of plugins either. Most plugins do way too much and should be cut in half.